Sara Miller - Underwater Spa Bath Fizzer Bar


A unique gift idea in a bar of scented fizzers for the bath. Squares of fizzing bathing salts infused with White Tea, Ginger & Eucalyptus fragrance to uplift and refresh as you unwind in the tub. Beautifully wrapped in an original Sara Miller design with exotic angelfish in an eye-catching palette of pink and turquoise.

  • 200g bar of scented fizzing bath bomb squares with gentle spices and moisturising glycerin for the bath or shower.
  • Infused with scents of soothing white tea, ginger, eucalyptus and gentle floral notes to uplift and refresh
  • Tinted delicate turquoise and shaped like a super-luxe chocolate bar with 18 cubes to break off and pop in bath or shower to release the aroma.
  • Cruelty free and vegan friendly.
  • Enter the enchanting world of Sara Miller London’s beauty collection inspired by exotic spas and imaginary underwater seascapes.

200g Bath and Shower Fizzer Bar